Local Artists

John Pritchett

John Pritchett is one of Hawaii's leading cartoonists with his journalistic endeavors appearing weekly in Hawaii Reporter, Honolulu Weekly and Lahaina News. John also provides illustrations and cartoons on environmental issues for Environment Hawaii. He has also published books on local politics including "Drawn & Quartered" and "The Unbelievable Empire," and "Jeremy's World Comics." Pritchett also provides cartoons, caricatures and illustrations to national and international newspapers, magazines and Web sites. John has been honored with awards from: The United Nations Correspondents Association, Hawaii Publishers Association, The Hawaii Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, Common Cause Hawaii, and Small Business Hawaii. See his web site at http://www.pritchettcartoons.com/


Daniel Van Zyle

Hawaii artist and printmaker. For over 40 years, Dan has been at the forefront of Hawaii artists. As genuine as his portrayal, his artrecords his up close and personal interest in the islands and her people. Whether capturing the hypnotic stare of of Na Pueo, witnessing magical flights of the endangered Nene, the majesty of Kauai's Na Pali coast, or the ancient eyes of of a young hula student, Dan reveals his deepconnection with the nature of his subjects. Working in his studio, cluttered with his collection of feathers, rocks, shells, skins and other keepsakes, Dan's paintings, drawings, stone lithographs and etchings reflect his determination in "telling a good story." Visit his website at http://www.danielvanzyle.com/