We are so excited to bring this veritable Fun Factory of Fabulous Fall to you and your furry friends! The festivities begin, as always, with our Cover Boy, Buddy, whose countenance and ever-present tongue are perfectly captured by Ashley Smith.

We dig into the new dog-friendly garden that Niki Libarios and Val Yoshikane built next to Hawaii Doggie Bakery, while Nancy Bernal exposes the winner of The Pet Hui/The Pet Hale photo contest. Spoiler: Nice leap, Lulu!

Our Da Kine Canine Gallery is full-to-bursting with our own winners—all of you who shared pics of your fab and furriest for everyone to enjoy. And check out the Dogs in the Great Outdoors array…Lucky We Live Hawaii, yeah? Next up is All Dressed Up, so whether it’s holidays, sports, or looking good in an aloha shirt, we want to see ‘em!

Our 2019 Pet Services Directory is organized by location, not alphabetically, so you can find a groomer, walker, boarder, or what-have-you near to where you work or live. Pay special attention to the highlighted listings, our beloved advertisers, who make this whole doggone thing possible! And please remember to tell them you saw them here, so they know their ad dollars are working as hard as they do.

And our Gifts & Sniffs department is crammed with dog centric items of the fun, practical, and whimsical persuasions.

All this, plus resident artists Dan Van Zyle and John Pritchett ruminating on the hare-hassling Harrier and the vacuum powered feline, respectively, bodes awesomely for Fall, y’all!

Cherish the last days of Summer and welcome Fall with sugar and spice and everything nice. Have a pawsome Halloween and may you be visited by the Great Pumpkin!

As always, we are humbled by and grateful for the kindness of your attention in these most digital of days. You da Bestest!


--Woofs and Wags, John & Carol

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